Leave Types

*The approval of the President is required for any leave of absence and some require Chancellor approval.

Paid Leave

Administrative Leave
Annual Leave
Court Attendance
Emergency Leave
Military Leave
Personal Leave
Professional Leave (short term)
Sick Leave

Unpaid Leave
Emergency Leave of Absence* (up to one year)
Family Medical Leave (FMLA)
Maternity Leave
Personal Leave of Absence* (up to one year)
Professional Leave of Absence* (up to one year)

Annual leave is earned by non-instructional employees only. Instructors, counselors, and librarians do not earn annual leave.

The number of days of annual leave earned per month is based on a range of years of full-time experience. 

Years of Experience Annual Leave Earned
0-4 = 1.00 day per month
5-9 = 1.25 days per month
10-14 = 1.50 days per month
15-19 = 1.75 days per month
20-above = 2.00 days per month

A maximum of 60 days may be accrued and carried forward to next leave year. Annual leave days exceeding 60 during a year are forfeited if not used.