Health & Optional Insurance

Full time employees may elect individual coverage or family basic health coverage under one of several Public Education Employees’ Health Insurance Plans (P.E.E.H.I.P). Employees who elect individual or family basic health insurance may also purchase any or all of the optional insurance plans offered. Administered by Southland National Insurance Company, the four optional insurance plans currently offered are dental, vision, indemnity and cancer coverage.

Contact the Office of Human Resources for current costs of basic health and optional insurance coverage.

Employees who elect to decline PEEHIP coverage receive the four optional insurance plans (dental, vision, indemnity, and cancer) at no cost to the employee for either individual or family coverage. 

A PEEHIP Employee Handbook (with details of insurance coverage and information about pre-existing conditions) can be found at:

PEEHIP now offers a quick way to inform employers and members of information relating
to your health care benefits and issues affecting the Retirement Systems of Alabama. Information will be updated at least once a month or as the need arises to let you know important news and information as quickly as possible. Click on the links below.



For more information on PEEHIP benefits, visit the Retirement Systems of Alabama website at or call 877.517.0020.