Transfer Success - UAH


Shelton State Community College Students Transferring to
       The University of Alabama at Huntsville
Summer 2012 - Spring 2013

During Summer 2012 through Spring 2013, eleven students transferred from Shelton State to the University of Alabama at Huntsville. During their first semester, these students obtained a slightly lower GPA than they had earned at Shelton State. Although the Shelton State students show a decline in GPA during their first semester, they adjust quickly and perform at a level comparable to that of the native students and other transfer students. During the 2012-2013 academic year, the average academic performance in undergraduate courses at the 300 level and above was a 3.11 for native students at UAH, and it was 2.98 for the 27 Shelton State transfers enrolled in undergraduate courses and 3.02 for transfers from all public Alabama two-year colleges.
The following grade distribution represents the grades received in all courses taken by Shelton State transfer students in their first term.  

36.8% 34.2% 15.8% 5.3% 7.9% 0.0%

 The table below shows the degrees received by the 3 Shelton State transfers who graduated from The University of Alabama in Huntsville during the 2012-2013 academic year. These students graduated with an average GPA of 3.38. Our students received degrees in three majors: Elementary Education, English, and Management Information Systems.

Shelton State Transfers to UAH Graduating 2012-2013

Degree Earned Number  GPA
Bachelor of Art in Elementary Education     1  3.50
Bachelor of Art in English      1     3.64
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems, General     1  3.00