Campus Safety & Security

The mission of Shelton State Community College Campus Safety and Security (Campus Security) is to provide a reasonably safe campus environment to further the educational goals of the College and its students. Only through collective community efforts can our mission be accomplished. Campus Security is committed to courtesy and excellence and is primarily a service-oriented department that protects lives, rights and property under the laws of the State of Alabama and Shelton State Community College.
Shelton State Community College Campus Security maintains a cooperative relationship with local and state law enforcement agencies. An excellent working relationship exists between the College Campus Security and the Tuscaloosa Police Department. Crimes involving major property loss, or a felony are reported to the Tuscaloosa Police Department.
Campus Security stations are located on both the Martin and Fredd campuses. 

Martin Campus contact number  205.391.2377.
Fredd Campus contact number 205.391.2646.  

Campus Crime Statistics
Campus Parking Policies
Emergency Preparedness