Steps to Withdraw or Drop Classes

How to Drop a Class in myShelton SSB (but not withdraw completely from school)
1. Log into your myShelton student account,
2. Select the Student tab.
3. Select Registration.
4. Select Add or Drop Classes.
5. Select the appropriate term and click submit.
6. Select Web Withdrawn Course under the Action heading for the appropriate course and click Submit Changes.

How to Withdraw Completely from Shelton State (drop all courses for a given term)
1. Make an appointment to see your advisor/navigator in either The Advising Center or the SOAR Institute.  On-call advisors are available for those who do not have one assigned.
2. You may contact an advisor at or a navigator at
3. Your advisor/navigator will review your schedule and will help you complete a Withdrawal Form.
4. If you are receiving financial aid (including Veterans Administration), you will be required to have an exit interview with the appropriate financial aid officer.
5. You will take your completed documents to the Office of Enrollment Services for final processing.