Registering for Classes 

Please read all applicable information below and follow the appropriate links to register.
Current Students
Current students may register online during the advertised registration periods. Advisors are available every day or you may make an appointment at any time by calling 205.391.2232.
Incoming freshmen
All incoming freshmen must complete the application process and schedule a date and time to take the Compass placement assessment. Call 205.391.2232 to make an appointment.  Application and testing deadlines for first-time freshman are published in the College's Academic Calendar.
Transfer Students
Transfer students must complete the application process and provide evidence of meeting required pre-requisites prior to registering. Unofficial transcripts or current class schedules may be emailed to to serve as temporary evidence of satisfying required pre-requisites. Transfer students must request that an official transcript from each college previously attended be mailed to Shelton State. Applicants who have completed a baccalaureate degree or higher and who do not plan to pursue a degree at Shelton State, are only required to submit an official transcript from the institution granting the highest degree. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS ARE ACCEPTED DIRECTLY FROM INSTITUTIONS, NOT FROM STUDENTS.
Transient Students
Transient students must complete an application for admission prior to registering. All transient students must have a letter of good standing or letter of transiency from his/her home school at least 48 hours prior to registration. These letters are required each semester and are valid for the current semester only. Transient letters must be on file in the Office of Admissions prior to registration.  Official transient letters may be emailed to
Web Registration
Web registration is for all students.  Transient and transfer students must have a complete application for admission on file at least 48 hours prior to registering. 

Before you continue, please make a note of the following information:
  • You must have a User ID and PIN to access your myShelton account. 
  • ID's and PIN numbers cannot be given out over the phone. 
  • After Enrollment Services receives your application it will take at least 48 hours to process. You cannot register until your application is complete. 
  • If you receive financial assistance, please verify financial aid funds are available prior to registering for classes. 

If you are planning to register for online classes, please visit to complete our eLearning Orientation.  This free course is required before students can register for online courses.
Completing The Registration Process


  1. Print a copy of his/her schedule. Schedules may be obtained through your myShelton online student account via the internet. 
  2. Full payment is required at the time of registration. All students who receive financial aid (Pell grant funding), scholarships, PACT, or other awards must review myShelton to ensure funds are available to pay for the courses.  The entire balance must be paid before the published payment due date as listed in the printed schedule of classes.  
  3. Verify that all tuition and fees have been paid. Verification may be confirmed in the Cashier's Office or through myShelton. 
  4. Register vehicle within the Cashier's Office on the Martin Campus. 
  5. College identification cards are made in the Cashier's Office on the Martin Campus. 

Students may use the "Forgot PIN" to reset their PIN only after the student has logged into myShelton and set up the required security questions. Otherwise, students should come Enrollment Services on the Martin Campus and present a photo ID to obtain passwords. 


  1. Go to myShelton.
  2. Click “Sign In”. 
  3. Type your User ID and PIN, and Click the Login button. 
    1. USER ID: S number, 9 digits beginning with a S. For example S12345678.  IMPORTANT: The “S” must be capitalized. 
    2. When logging in for the first time, your PIN will be your 8 digit date of birth (MMDDYY). It must be changed by user when logging in for the first time. The message tells you that your PIN has expired. Re-enter your DOB (Old PIN) and create a new PIN. It can be any combination of letters and numbers. 
    3. You will also be prompted to create a security question. This will be used if you forget your PIN at a later date. 
    4. If you have logged in previously and changed your PIN but cannot remember it, click on Forgot PIN? 
  4. Click on the Student tab 
  5. Click on Registration
  6. Click on Look up classes
  7. Select the appropriate term. Click Submit. 
  8. To search for classes: 
    1. Simply select the Subject and click Course Search. 
    2. Click Advanced Search for more search criteria. 
  9. To register for a class, select the check box in front of the CRN (Course Reference Number), and click Register at the bottom of the screen. 
    1. C in front of the CRN identifies a closed class. 
    2. If you know the CRN of the class for which you want to register, you may add them in the Add Classes Worksheet area and Click Submit Changes. 
  10. Classes can be dropped from this page by clicking on the drop down menu under Action field. Select “Drop Class via Web” from the drop down to drop class. 
  11. This screen will assist with any registration errors. The red circle with an X will inform you that you have encountered a registration error, and you will need to search for a new class or get the appropriate registration overrides. 
  12. Once the drop/add period has ended, students will have the option to withdraw from a single class using “Web Withdrawn Course”. 
  13. Students must contact their advisor or navigator to totally withdraw from all classes. 
  14. To print your schedule, under the Registration tab, click Concise Student Schedule. With the schedule showing, click File on your browser and click print preview. Adjust your preferred settings (landscape is recommended) and print. 
Please contact Enrollment Services at 205.391.2214 regarding issues.
* Deadlines for taking the placement assessment is listed in the College's Schedule of Classes.

Payment should be paid at the time of registration. Class schedules will be removed for non-payment.  

I have read the above information and I would like to continue to Web Registration.