Campus Access, Traffic, and Parking

In order for Shelton State Community College to provide the faculty, staff, students, and visitors with a safe and secure environment, the following regulations have been prepared for anyone operating and/or parking vehicles on College property.  It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to know and/or obtain copy of these regulations.  For additional information concerning Shelton State’s parking regulations, call the Office of Security at 205.391.2377.
All ordinances of the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, related to traffic, which are not in conflict with or inconsistent with these regulations, are made part thereof and are enforceable as provided herein.

The Cashier's Office manages all items regarding parking registration and the issuance of all hang tags associated with Shelton State Community College. 

Registration Dates
The official registration period for cars, motorcycles, and motor bikes will be held at the beginning of each semester registration. Students must complete campus access registration prior to driving and parking on campus.  Hang tags will be issued for the academic year beginning September 1 and expiring August 31 of the following year.

Registration Costs
The cost for campus access registration is $6 per semester for students and no charge for faculty/staff. There will be no registration fee for visitors who receive a temporary parking permit.  There is a $6 replacement charge for lost or stolen hang tags. 

Registration Information

  • Students
    • Student name, identification number (“S” number), and driver’s license number 
    • Vehicle license plate number
    • Make and model of vehicle
  • Faculty and/or Staff Members
    • Name and driver’s license number
    • Vehicle license plate number
    • Make and model of vehicle
  • Visitors and/or Temporary Permits
    • Visitors may obtain visitor parking permits at Cashier's Office.  
    • Visitor or temporary permits should be displayed on the inside passenger side of the front windshield.

Motorcycles and Motorbikes
When motorcycles and motorbikes are registered, the owner will be issued an appropriate decal to be permanently affixed to the outside of the front fender.  All motorcycles and motorbikes must park in a legal parking space and in zones corresponding with the permit issued; fines, penalties, registration requirements, and rules are the same as those for automobiles. The law requires operators and passengers of two-wheeled, motorized vehicles to wear protective helmets.

Registration of all bicycles on campus is highly recommended.  All bicycles must be placed in racks. Bicycles shall not be parked on sidewalks, driveways, stairs, or at entrances to buildings. Any bicycles found in these locations will be impounded and a $5 fee assessed.

Hang Tags
  • Policies
    • Faculty, staff, and students who complete campus access registration will receive a hang tag, which must be displayed face-out on the rear view mirror when the vehicle is parked on campus.  
    • Failure to display the permit could result in a citation being issued or the vehicle being impounded.  
    • Please remember you are responsible for your hang tag. While hang tags may be transferred and used on more than one vehicle, you should NOT loan your parking hang tag to others since you are responsible for all parking citations written against your hang tag. 
  • Identification of Hang Tags
    • Green Hang Tags:  Faculty, Staff, Administration parking
    • Red Hang Tags:  Student parking
    • Blue Hang Tags:  Accessibility/Handicap parking (Shelton State issued handicap hang tag is required to park in a handicap space).
    • Blue Paper Copy:  Temporary Handicap (Shelton State issued handicap hang tag is required to park in a handicap space).
    • White Paper Copy:  Temporary Student/Visitor/TEBI/Lifelong Learning/Staff 
  • Accessibility (Handicap) Parking
    Blue hang tags will be issued only to those students, faculty, and staff members who are certified to be disabled by their personal physician and by the State of Alabama. Certifications shall be in writing and approved in the Cashier’s Office.
Parking Agreements with other Institution
Faculty, staff and students who visit The University of Alabama campus from Shelton State must purchase a visitor/vendor permit from the Transportation Services office at the University.  Faculty or staff members employed by both Shelton State and The University of Alabama must purchase a faculty/staff permit.  Dually enrolled students must purchase both Shelton State and The University of Alabama parking/campus access permits.  
Faculty, staff, and students who desire a free parking option may park in the City Intermodal Facility located at 601 23rd Avenue in downtown Tuscaloosa and show their University of Alabama Action Card when boarding the Tuscaloosa Trolley.  Interested individuals may also take the Tuscaloosa Trolley from Shelton State to the Intermodal Facility and change to a University-bound shuttle route.

  1. Standard rules of the road for the city, county, and state will be observed on campus.
  2. All campus access rules and regulations are in effect at all times.
  3. The violation of any campus regulations will subject the violator to fines as specified under "parking violations."
  4. Loading and service zones: Parking is restricted to service and vendor vehicles for the purpose of loading and unloading only.
  5. Double parking on streets or parking areas is prohibited at all times.
  6. Vehicles should be parked within the marked parking spaces.
  7. When faculty, staff, or students change status, they must apply for a new permit.
  8. All campus access regulations remain in effect during registration and final examinations.
  9. Recommended speed on campus is 25 mph, except where otherwise posted; however, any speed not safe for conditions of the road, including vehicular and pedestrian congestion, is prohibited.
  10. Driving or parking on the grass or sidewalks and parking in crosswalks and loading zones is prohibited.
  11. Motorists must yield to pedestrians in designated crosswalks.
  12. Motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles are subject to the same traffic rules and must move in the same direction on the same side of the street as automobiles. These vehicles must NOT use sidewalks or lawns.
  13. The College assumes no liability for damages or theft of vehicles operated or parked on campus. Any such damage is a risk assumed by the owner as operator of the vehicle.
  14. Inability to find a legal parking space will not be accepted as a defense for violations.
  15. Operation or parking of an unregistered vehicle on campus will result in the issuance of a citation; all charges, including tow charges, and purchase of current permit will be assessed before the vehicle is released.
  16. Anyone other than a visitor using a visitor's space will be subject to receiving a ticket for improper parking. 


The accumulation record will begin September 1 of the year issued and expire August 31 of the following year.  The fine is increased for multiple offenses: 
Failure to Display Hang Tag  $10 
Failure to Register Vehicle  $25 
Improperly Affixed Hang Tag  $25 
Improper Parking  $25 
Improper Zone Parking  $25 
Double Parking  $25 
Accessible/Handicap Parking First Offense  $50 
Accessible/Handicap Parking Second Offense  $100
Blocking Sidewalk  $25 
Parked in Fire Lane Blocking Vehicles/Roadway  $25 
Other  $25 
Repeated Violations of same offense  $25 

Payment of Fines
  • Students
    • After 24 hours, not counting weekends and holidays, student may pay fines in the Cashier's Office. 
    • Parking citations are automatically charged to student accounts. Take the citation to the Cashier's Office at the time of payment. 
    • Failure to pay fines will result in restrictions associated with registration, transcript release, the release of grades, or other items associated with enrollment at Shelton State.
  • Faculty and/or Staff Members
    • Citations can be paid at the Cashier's Office. 
    • If payment is not received within two (2) weeks, the amount of the citation will be deducted through payroll deduction.
  • Visitors and/or Temporary
    • Visitors or those requiring temporary parking are asked to obtain a visitor’s or temporary parking permit in the Cashier’s Office and are subject to all College parking and traffic rules, including fines.  

Impounding Vehicles
All vehicles not parked in accordance with College parking and traffic rules and regulations are subject to impoundment. 

Appealing a Ticket
All individuals who are part of the Shelton State community or who utilize any of the campuses or facilities are subject to all policies and procedures related to campus access, parking and traffic.   If you believe you have been wrongly ticketed, however, you have the right to appeal. Download the Appeal Form and submit completed form for your citation to be reviewed. Appeal Forms are also available in the Cashier’s Office.