A message from
President Andrea Mayfield, Ph.D.


Welcome to Shelton State!  
At Shelton State Community College, we are committed to the success of our students.  Our goals include helping you start or change the course of your journey toward an enhanced quality of life. With unprecedented achievements in community leadership through service, Shelton State provides superior educational and training opportunities accessible at every level.   
As President and leader of an innovative and dynamic Shelton State team, I am dedicated to success and excellence.   As a former non-traditional and first-generation student, I can attest to the reality of dreams made possible through education and training.  I firmly believe it is never too late to move your life in a new and exciting direction.  
Our vision for the future is bold and the time to join us is NOW!   Your future is our passion and we look forward to doing great things together. “Start, Stay, Succeed” is our mantra, and as a part of Shelton State Community College, you certainly will. 


Andrea Mayfield

Dr. Mayfield at home - Image Gallery