104-60 Supplemental Materials

You may pick up Test 3 Friday morning between 10:00-10:30am from Ms. Leigh Ann Wyatt in the Academic Dean's Suite. Please come in person and bring photo ID.

The entrance to the Dean's Suite is on the second floor in the hallway just off the west side of the atrium (side closer to our classroom) and across from the entrance to the faculty office area.  Once in the Dean's Suite, Ms. Wyatt's office is straight down the hall.

I will be available for questions Monday morning in my office. You may pickup test 3 and/or look at the key then.  If the area in and outside my office is too small, we can move down to the classroom.

Test 1
Conversions and Significant Figures
Measurement Practice
Chapter 1 Crossword
Chapter 1 Crossword - Answers
Chapter 2 Crossword
Chapter 2 Crossword - Answers
Chapter 3 Crossword
Chapter 3 Crossword - Answers
Test 1 Sample Questions
Test 1 Sample Questions - Answers

Test 2
Table of Ion Names
Formulas for Naming Practice
Names for Formula Writing Practice
Electron Dot Structures
Chapter 5 Crossword
Chapter 5 Crossword - Answers
Reaction Types and Balancing
Ideal Gas Equation
Test 2 Sample Questions
Test 2 Sample Questions - Answers

Test 3
Naming Acids and Bases
Chapter 9 Crossword
Chapter 9 Crossword - Answers
Test 3 Sample Questions
Test 3 Sample Questions - Answers