Angela Gibson - SPH 106


Test One:
SPH 106-03 and SPH106-04 - Wednesday September 17
SPH 106-09, SPH 106-10, and SPH 106-11 - Tuesday, September 16  

SPEECH 106 Notes

Chapter 1 (Human Communication:  What and Why)
Chapter 2 (The Self, Perception, and Communication)
Chapter 4 (Language)
Chapter 6 (Nonverbal Communication)

Chapter 5 (Listening and Responding)
Chapter 6 (Communicating Across Cultures)
Chapter 7 (Understanding Interpersonal Relationships)
Chapter 8 (Communication SKills in Interpersonal Relationships)
Developing a Speech Topic / Audience Analysis
Organizing and Outlining the Body of Your Speech
Introductions and Conclusions
Presentational Aids


Speaker Critique
Group Project
Outside Readings

Additional Resources
Study Tips (with sample test questions)
Speech Topics
Test One Study Guide
Test Two Study Guide
Final Study Guide
Textbook Website (great resource for studying)
Textbook chapters
Outline Format
Sample Outline
Sample Outline 2
Sample Informative Outline
Informative Speech Evaluation
Persuasive Speech Evaluation