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MTH 112 Videos and

Accompanying Lesson Notes

Note:  If you are in a face-to-face class, then you do not need to re-print the Section Notes.
The Powerpoint notes from class for each section will cover multiple video lectures.


Video Lessons By Topic Section Notes
Basics of Functions:  What is a Function? 1.2A
The Domain of a Function 1.2B
Functions and Difference Quotients 1.3A
Properties of a Function's Graph 1.3B
Piecewise Functions 1.3C
Even & Odd Functions; Symmetry 1.3D
Transformations of Functions    Continued 1.6
Combinations of Functions 1.7 A
Composite Functions 1.7 B
Inverse Functions 1.8
Quadratic Functions 2.2
Applications of Quadratic Functions  2.2 B 
Polynomial Functions & Their Graphs – End Behavior 2.3A
Polynomial Functions & Their Graphs – Zeros and Multiplicity 2.3B
Polynomial Functions & Their Graphs – Graphing Polynomials 2.3C
Dividing Polynomials and The Remainder and Factor Theorems 2.4
Zeros of Polynomial Functions 2.5
Rational Functions - Asymptotes 2.6A
Rational Functions - Graphing 2.6B
Polynomial & Rational Inequalities 2.7
Exponential Functions 3.1
Logarithmic Functions – The Basics 3.2A
Logarithmic Functions - Graphing 3.2B
Properties of Logarithms 3.3
Exponential & Logarithmic Equations 3.4
Exponential Growth and Decay (Applications of Exponential Functions) 3.5
Matrix Solutions 8.1
Inconsistent and Dependent Systems 8.2
Circles 1.9
Systems of Nonlinear Equations in Two Variables 7.4
Systems of Inequalities 7.5