eLearning FAQs


Do I have to have my own computer to enroll in eLearning classes at Shelton State?

No. You may take Shelton State's eLearning classes from home, office, or any other location where you may use a computer with Internet access. You may also use the SOAR Institute on the Martin Campus in Tuscaloosa.
Can I register and begin an eLearning class anytime during the semester?

At this time, the eLearning classes follow the same semester schedule (starting and ending dates) as the traditional on-campus classes. Before enrolling in an online class, students must successfully complete ELO 100. For more information on ELO 100, please see the ELO 100 FAQs.

How do I log into Canvas?
You'll use your "S" number as your Canvas username and your 8-digit birthdate as your password. Click here to log into Canvas.
Is being able to communicate through writing important?
Yes. In an online classroom, nearly all communication is written. Therefore, it is important that students feel comfortable in expressing themselves in writing. Many students have limited writing abilities, which should be addressed before or as part of the online experience. This may require remedial efforts on the part of the student.
How many hours per week should I be willing to commit to my eLearning class?
You should be willing and able to commit to 4 to 15 hours per week per course. Online is not easier than the traditional educational process.  In fact, many students will say it requires much more time and commitment. Typically, distance learners will participate in the virtual classroom 5-7 days a week. With the flexibility and independence of the online environment comes responsibility. The online process takes self-motivation and self-discipline to keep up with the flow of the process.

What are the rules for interacting with others in an eLearning class?
Please click here for rules of etiquette in online courses. 
How do I take tests or exams for eLearning classes at Shelton State?
Some quizzes are online and may be taken according to guidelines indicated by your instructor. Some instructors require tests to be taken on campus at Shelton State. Proctor forms are available for students that cannot attend campus (download Proctor Agreement Form). Refer to the course description and syllabus of the class to find out test requirements for each course.
How do I complete labs for eLearning classes at Shelton State?
It depends on the class and the instructor. Some classes may include virtual labs, which you may do from a computer, while others must be completed on campus. Refer to the course description and syllabus for specific information about labs for each course. Please note that some virtual labs and/or assignments may have technical requirements beyond the minimums listed earlier. These requirements are always noted in the course descriptions and syllabus.
Can I take eLearning classes and on campus classes at the same time?

Yes. You may enroll in both eLearning classes and classes offered on campus at the same time.
I am having trouble keeping up with my eLearning class. Can I have an extension?
It would depend on the specific eLearning class and the instructor. Ordinarily, special circumstances would be required for an extension.
How do I withdraw from an eLearning class at Shelton State?
A student who wishes to withdraw from a course must officially withdraw on or before the date designated as the last day to withdraw for the semester. The last day to withdraw will be the Monday of the last full week of classes prior to the beginning of final exams. This date will be published each semester in the Schedule of Classes. There will be no withdrawals after this date. Contact the Admissions Office at 205.391.2241, or email Loretta Jones at lojones@sheltonstate.edu for more specific information concerning withdrawal from classes.
Do all eLearning classes require a face to face orientation?
At this time the only eLearning classes that require a face to face orientation are Mathematics. If orientation is missed, contact your instructor (that is listed in the printed schedule) within five (5) days of your orientation date.
Do I ever have to come to the Shelton State campus if I enroll in an eLearning class?
The answer is "maybe." You may have to come to the campus for orientation (Mathematics only), to take exams, or to complete labs. You may have to purchase textbooks and instructional materials in a local textbook store or in the college's book store on campus.
Are eLearning classes the only form of distance education at Shelton State?
Yes. At the present time, the only distance education classes offered at Shelton State are eLearning classes.
How can I contact my instructor in an eLearning class?
Refer to the printed schedule for your instructors contact information.